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Volume Dialog

Here you can convert a volume to weight. Many recipes are using volume and this needs to be converted to weight. The calculator always uses weight in grams for all ingredients so if you want to convert a recipe where the ingredients are in volume you can use this dialog to convert.

Some ingredients have a density set and if it has this is indicated in the drop down list by the ingredient name inside <> brackets. If the ingredient does not have a density defined you will have to select from the list a similar ingredient to be as accurate as possible.

There are three different methods to convert the volume to weight.


This is the normal method when the recipe uses CUPS or DL etc…
Just type in the amount in the Value edit and select the correct Unit.
Pressing the Find button is the reversed operation of finding the volume from the weight using the selected unit.


Convert a volume in liter or ml to weight


Convert a volume in ounces to weight


In the settings you can define how much one egg yolk weighs. Depending on the size of the eggs you use it will be a little different. The egg yolk in extra large eggs usually weighs between 17g-20g.

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