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Inventory Dialog

This is the inventory and stocktaking dialog.
If you have a small business or shop you can use ICC for you stock of products. The system has full barcode scanner support and uses the FIFO (FirstInFirstOut) method for stocktaking.
You register all your products and purchases in this module. You can link products to Ingredients to get automatic database updates when you use the Production system. Perform stocktakings and keep track of the total stock value.

Double click a product in the list to edit it. Opens the Edit product dialog.


Opens the Add product dialog that is designed to be used with a barcode scanner but you can also type in the barcode id manually. Scanning product already in the database will increase the quantity by 1 for each scan. If the product is not in the database a new product can be added.

New product

Manually create a new product. Sometimes you might want to add products that don’t have a barcode or that you produce yourself. Use this to create a new product manually.


Removes the selected product from the database.


Scan a product to edit it.


Opens the stocktaking dialog where you create and manage your stocktakings.


Export to Excel.


Synch the prices in the product database with linked ingredients in the ingredient database.

+/- buttons

Increase and decrease the quantity of the selected product.

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