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Density Dialog

Helper dialog to calculate the density of an ingredient. Input the volume and unit and the weight and the density is calculated. The density is then used for volume to weight conversions and to display the volume of the ingredient in the recipe.


The density in an ingredient is used in two different ways. If you set the Gram per mL value in an ingredient that value is used in the volume to weight conversion dialog. Say you have raisins for example and want to know how much a CUP of raisins weigh and calculate the density. You then just weight the cup of raisins and you get a density using this dialog box. This density can then be used to convert dry volume to weight. So, if a recipe calls for 1/2 cup of raisins the volume to weight converter knows how to calculate the weight in grams.

However, the density can also be used to calculate the volume of add-ins. And this density is different from the “dry” density above. Because in the above example air fills the gaps between the raisins. When using the density to calculate the volume of the raisins as an add-in we need to calculate the actual density. The most accurate way is to put the raisins in a liquid and calculate the volume of the displaced liquid. In any case if you use this dialog box to calculate the density that should be used for add-ins make sure you pack it with as little air as possible. Pack it tight or even pulverize it.

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