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Version 4.01


Fixed several bugs in the Reports dialog.
Inventory items where not saved correctly.
PAC and POD was not correct when you added a recipe with evaporation as an ingredient to another recipe.
Other minor bugs.


Save as ingredient is now available in the top row of buttons. Right click to customize additional buttons.
The Freezing curve panel now has a small red X button to close it. It can be turned on again from inside the freezing curve dialog.
Improved the graphics and text rendering of the Panels and Charts.
New design of the Recipe properties dialog.

New TAB control for the recipes

Implemented a new and improved tab control for the recipes. It should now be much clearer and easier to use.

Perceptual maps

Compare recipes using perceptual maps. Found in the recipe database dialog.

Radar charts

Analyze recipes using radar charts. Found in the recipe database dialog.

User data in recipes

Add unlimited extra data to your recipe.

Default Note

You can now set a default note that will be set for new recipes. Right click on the Note button to set or clear the default note.

Recipes as add-ins

You can now also add recipes as add-ins to other recipes.

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