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Close Stocktaking Dialog

When you have finished your stocktaking you can close it.
The list shows the scanned products with the Quantity, Stock quantity and the Difference.
The Stock quantity is the current quantity in the inventory database and the Quantity is the quantity from the stocktaking.
You have several options here. You can either just close the stocktaking without updating the inventory database or you can select to update the database.
If you select to update the database you have the option to only update the scanned items or to update all products in the database. In this case products that are not scanned is assumed to have zero quantity so be sure to only do this when you make a full stocktaking.

Scanned items only

If you update the database and this checkbox is checked only the scanned products will be updated and the Stocktaking will be flagged as Partial.
If this is unchecked the whole database will be updated and non-scanned products are set to zero quantity and the Stocktaking will be flagged as Full.

Update database

Press this to update the database with the stocktaking and close the stocktaking.


This will close the stocktaking without updating the database and set the status to Closed.

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