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Version 3.08

Improved panel logic

When having multiple recipes open at the same time the panels could feel a bit illogical. Especially if some of the open recipes had the Profile activated. If the profile is activated in a recipe the chart and panels are saved with the recipe and when you switch to this recipe the chart and panels change to the stored ones. So, if mixing recipes with the profile set and recipes without the profile set the logic for the panels did not feel right. The changes now works like this. All recipes that don’t have the profile set will keep the same panels, so when switching between recipes the panels stays the same for the non profiled recipes.

Add-ins in the main recipe table

You can now have the add-ins displayed in the main recipe table and not just in the add-ins dialog. In the add-ins dialog there is a checkbox to enable this. The add-ins will then be displayed after the normal ingredients. The add-in rows have another color and are read-only, so you still have to open the add-ins dialog to change them.

Gram per ml in standard ingredients

Gram per ml can now be changed in standard ingredients. Before only Cost/Kg could be changed in standard ingredients.

Speed ups

I have optimized the code to make the Ingredients dialog and the Recipes dialog open much faster.

Active flag in recipes

There is now an Active flag for each recipe. This flag can be used to filter recipes that you still want to keep but not show in the recipe dialog. In the recipe dialog there are now three radio buttons to show all recipes, show only active recipes and to show only inactive recipes. Hopefully this will make it easier to organize all you recipes.


In the Data dialog I have added another column with a description for each data item. Hopefully this will make it easier to understand what the data item is.

In the data dialog and some other dialogs I have also added a feature to jump to the correct row if you type a character on the keybord. So, if you for example have the first row selected and press S the list will jump to the first item in the list starting with S.


To make it possible to calculate volume and cost more accurately I have added Density and Cost/Kg to the add-ins. I have also added a checkbox to indicate if the add-in is an Infusion. An infusion will be strained out and not added to the final ice cream but the cost will still be accounted for. So, there are also a few new Data items added.

Nutrients dialog add-ins

In the nutrients dialog there is now a checkbox to include add-ins.

Recipe Density and Overrun

Added Density and Overrun to the recipe. This enables you to override the density estimation and to set the overrun in the recipe. This will make it possible to calculate costs, weights and volumes with more accuracy.

Overrun new method

Added a new method to the Overrun calculation dialog to calculate overrun with add-ins.

Password protection

In the Settings you can specify a PIN code that you must enter to start the software. If you use this system and forget the PIN code please contact icecreamcalc for instructions how to remove the PIN.

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