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PAC/POD Dialog

Here you can calculate PAC and/or POD from the sugar composition or the molecular weight of the ingredient.

Example. You are adding the Ingredient Apple and know the total sugar is 10%. But the sugars in fruit usually is not only sucrose but a blend of other sugars. In the case of the apple the USDA database gives us the sugar composition as Sucrose 2.1%, Glucose 1.8% and Fructose 6.1%. We type this into the dialog and press Calculate. The resulting PAC and POD is 17.1 and 13.9.

You can also calculate the PAC if you know the molecular weight of the ingredient. This is useful when adding different sugars or other small molecular ingredients. The molecular weight can only be used to calculate the PAC and not the POD. What you need to do to calculate the POD is to search for the ingredients relative sweetness compared to sucrose.

Example. Sorbitol

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol and you can find the molecular weight online (Wikipedia for example)
The molecular weight is 182.17 g/mol so we input that in the Molar mass edit and press Calculate. The PAC is then calculated as 187.9.
Now, look again in Wikipedia to find the relative sweetness. It is reported as “Sorbitol is about 60% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar)”, Wikipedia. So we can set the POD to 60.
So Sorbitol PAC=187.9 and POD=60

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