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Nutrient Label Dialog

Here you can add an ingredient by using the nutrition label. It’s quite straightforward, just fill in the data from the label. Depending on what country you are in the nutrition labels look different. In the EU all nutrition labels are per 100g. In the US the labels are for a specified serving size and they also have other data present like added sugars. Just make sure you set the serving size correctly and fill in the data that is available on the label and skip those that is not available. Also a note on carbohydrates, in the US carbs includes fiber and in the EU carbs does not include fibers.

Type of ingredient

Some data used in the calculator is not available from a nutrition label, like MSNF, butter fat, cocoa fat etc…By using these radio buttons you can tell the calculator what type of ingredient you are adding and some educated guesses will be made fill in this missing data. For example, if you add a Dairy product you should check the Dairy button and MSNF and Butterfat and Lactose will be set correctly.


The water content is calculated from the label as well but sometimes the nutrition label don’t give the correct amount of water. So, here you can manually add other solids to get the water to the correct level if you know the calculated value is slightly wrong.

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