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Replace Milk And Cream Dialog

This is a very useful feature if you have a recipe where the fat % of the cream/milk is not the same as what you have available.

At the top you select the Milk and Cream you would like to use instead of the milk and cream in the current recipe. So, in the image above, the recipe calls for milk with 3% fat and cream with 40% fat but the replacement chosen is Whole milk with 3.5% fat and Heavy cream with 36% fat.
You can use the buttons to the right to select any ingredient from the database to replace with.

We want to change the recipe and use Whole milk and Heavy cream. This dialog will calculate the weight of the replacement milk/cream so that the total weight is the same and the combined fat is the same.

At the bottom the current and resulting weights are shown and you can press Update recipe to use the replacement milk and cream in the recipe.

Technical note
The total weight and combined fat will be the same. Some other properties like the milk solids and total solids might change a little but usually in the second decimal point only. The method used is called the Pearson’s square or box method and is used in the dairy industry to standardize the fat percentage when mixing cream and skim milk.

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