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Recipe Properties Dialog

Here you can change some of the properties for a recipe.


If this checkbox is checked you will get two warnings whenever you try to save this recipe. This is to avoid saving the recipe by mistake. The warnings can also be turned off in the settings dialog.


Use this checkbox to flag a recipe for whatever reason you like. This can be used in the recipe dialog to filter the recipes.


Set if the recipe is active or not.


This flag is to indicate that this recipe was a recipe group in older versions of the calculator. You can use it to indicate a recipe group.


Tag your recipe. More info in the Tags dialog.


Set a rating for your recipe. More info in the Rate dialog.


This is a field you can use to whatever you like.

Barcode ID

If you like to work with barcodes you can add a barcode id to the recipe. Pressing the button to the right will create a random barcode id. Pressing the button to the right of the barcode image will copy the barcode to the clipboard.


You can also add a QR code to the recipe. The barcode and qr code can be used when printing your recipe.


Here you can set the actual density of the mix and the overrun.
Normally the density of the mix is calculated but for more accurate volume calculations you can enter the density here. The overrun can also be set and will be saved with the recipe.

User data

Set user data. You can configure unlimited number of user data that can be used in recipes. The user data will be available in the DATA objects with a prefix of “U_”.


Moulds are primarily used for bonbon production. You can specify the number of moulds and the number of cavitites in each mould. If you then multiply the weight of the recipe with the total number of cavities you get a total batch size. This batch size can then be given a scale factor to handle overproduction. This scale factor is used for proper cost calculations. If you need more info on using the calculator for bonbon production please contact the support.


Displays all batch numbers this recipe is part of. Batch numbers are sets of recipes and can be controlled from the Reports dialog.


Displays productions this recipe is part of.

Used in

Displays all recipes this recipe is an ingredient in.

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