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Food Data Central Dialog

Here you can add ingredients from the USDA food database.


Type in what you are looking for and press the search button. The list will be populated with ingredients matching you search words.

Brand owner

If you look for a specific brand you can type this in here and press search again.
Note, this is the Brand owner and not the Brand from the FDC and this only works for Branded foods.


If you know the ID of the item you look for you can type it in here.


The USDA food database is actually several different databases. You can limit the search to a specific database here.

Require all words

If this is checked all search words must exist in the ingredient.

Type of ingredient

Set the type of ingredient to help the calculator to calculate the data that is not available in the nutrition data.


For branded ingredients they usually have an ingredient list. The ingredients here will be transferred to the sub-ingredients.


Important. In the database some ingredients are by 100ml instead of 100g. In this case I assume that 100ml weighs 100g. This is probably not correct but there is no way to know the density of the ingredient from the database in these cases. So, be aware that the calculated data might not be 100% correct for ingredients that are stored with volume units. If the serving size unit is not defined as ‘g’ in the database a warning is displayed to the right of the serving size field.

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