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RCPX Dialog

RCPX or Recipe Groups.
The same as a Recipe is a list of ingredients a RCPX is a list of recipes.
If you like to be able to create combined nutrition labels and ingredient lists of products where many recipes and/or ingredients are combined you should use Recipe Groups.
In a RCPX you can add normal recipes and/or single ingredients and set the weight of each separate item. In the reports you can select Recipe Groups and get a combined correctly calculated ingredient list and nutrition info.

So, RCPX might not be very useful if you just make ice cream at home for yourself but if you have a small business and like to have control of ingredients, allergens and nutrients it is helpful.

A RCPX can typically be a combined pint of ice cream. You sell a vanilla and chocolate ice cream for example where you use a vanilla recipe and a chocolate recipe and fill the pint 50/50 with vanilla and chocolate. In this case you can create a RCPX with these two recipes and get a combined nutrition label and ingredient list.

Another example is if you use ICC for praline production. Pralines are usually a combination of many different parts. You have the shell, paints and multiple fillings in the same praline. Then to make things even more complicated you sell boxes of pralines and like to have one combined ingredient list and nutrition label for the whole box. To calculate all this manually is extremely time consuming. If you use ICC and RCPXs it’s simple. Just create a RCPX for each praline and use the Report system to create a box of pralines and everything is automatically calculated.

The top of the dialog has some filters you can use to filter the list.


Edit the selected RCPX. Opens the Edit RCPX dialog.


Add a new RCPX.


Delete the selected RCPXs.


Rename a RCPX.


Copy a RCPX.


Set info for the selected RCPXs


Set the tags for the selected RCPXs

Filter info

Finds all Filters used in the Report system Recipe groups tab where the selected RCPX is used in.

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