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8 thoughts on “Milk/Cream Calculator”

    1. Ok,

      The fat% of milk and cream are different in different countries.
      So if you find a recipe with for example skim milk and double cream but you only have whole milk and heavy cream you can use this page to convert the weights.
      Recipe has
      Skim milk 250 (Skim milk has 0% fat)
      Double cream 250 (Double cream has 48% fat)
      Total weight of recipe is 1000

      You only have Whole milk (3.5% fat) and Heavy cream (36% fat)
      So how much Whole milk and heavy cream should you use.
      Input like this:
      INPUT Total mix weight 1000
      INPUT Milk weight 250
      INPUT Cream weight 250
      INPUT Milk fat% 0
      INPUT Cream fat% 48
      TARGET Milk fat% 3.5
      TARGET Cream fat% 36
      The result would be
      Milk weight 184.62 this is how much whole milk you should use
      Cream weight 315.38 this is how much heavy cream you should use

      You can use any weight or volume unit you like the calculations are unitless.
      So, the example above is typical gram weights but you can use what you like as long as all units are the same.

    2. Genius!
      Now, where do I find scales to measure hundredths of a gram? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Thank you for that – a very prompt and helpful response.

    1. The reason is that volume measurements are not accurate.
      In my opinion all ice cream and for that matter all pastry and baking recipes should be by weight.
      Also all the recipes on this website uses the calculator to develop the recipes and you need to work by weight when doing ice cream calculations.

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