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Version 3.09


Fixed some bugs with revisions. You can now delete the latest revision and there was a bug when you used the Split revision button in the recipe dialog.


You can now multi-select data items when adding panels instead of adding new panels one by one.
Added more Data items. Items starting with A_ are the weight of each add-in in the recipe and items starting with SI_ are the weight of each sub-ingredient in the recipe.
Also the user interface logic is improved in the Data dialog, the selected row is now remembered better when adding/deleting user data items.


Some minor bug fixes.
Fixed bug with Cost/Kg when converting a recipe to an ingredient. The Evaporation was not accounted for.
Fixed bugs with Density estimation. Evaporation was not accounted for. If the recipe has a user supplied density that density is not adjusted for evaporation.


Added a cost scale factor to RCPX recipe items. This allows you to calculate cost better. The scale factor lets you handle waste when producing a recipe.
Added a tool in the RCPX dialog to calculate the Scale based on moulds/cavitites and extra production weight.

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