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Overrun Dialog

This dialog has several methods to calculate overrun. Information for each method is displayed in the dialog box.

Overrun is the term used for the amount of air in ice cream. A common misunderstanding is that the calculator can automatically calculate the overrun for a mix. This is NOT the case. You have to set the overrun manually. The overrun is used to calculate the estimated final volume of ice cream and it can be used to modify the serving temp calculations. The more overrun you have the softer the ice cream will be.

For home machines the overrun is usually between 15% to 35%. For artisanal Gelato made in batch freezers the overrun is usually between 20%-40%. High end commercial super premium ice cream also have low overrun around 25%. Commercial cheaper ice cream can have very high overrun anywhere from 50% to 150%.

The main factor affecting the amount of overrun is the dasher speed of the machine. In some commercial continuous freezers you have systems that inject air at pressure to be able to control the overrun. Other factors also play a role in the amount of overrun like the amount of emulsifier, the sharpness of the dasher blades, the viscosity of the mix, the amount of fat, the freezing power of the machine etc…

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