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Version 4.04


  • * Revisions could not be opened. This is fixed.
  • * Replacing an ingredient in all recipes bug fixed. The weight was set to zero after replacing.
  • * Wizard loaded charts even if the chart existed in the list resulting in multiple identical charts in the chart list.
  • * Possible bug with the volume of add-ins fixed. This also affected cost/L with add-ins
  • * Fixed several bugs with missing translations
  • * Fixed bug in production planning dialog. Add-Ins were not displayed in the used in list.
  • * Not a bug but now all open recipes will be re-opened when you start ICC

Only used in recipes filter

Added a new filtering option in the ingredient list dialog. Only used in recipes. By checking this checkbox the list will only show ingredients used in active recipes.

List ingredients used in selected recipes

A new button in the Recipe dialog. Pressing this button will list all ingredients used in the selected recipes and you can modify the cost of each ingredient or edit the ingredient.

Sort order in Ingredients

When adding an ingredient to a recipe the ingredient is normally added after the currently selected row. This new setting will place the ingredient based on the Sort order position instead if it is defined (-1 means it is not set). This allows you to group ingredients automatically when adding them to a recipe.

Daily Value

You can now define the absolute values for the Daily Value calculations in nutrition labels. The nutrition information dialog has also been extended with more data and %DV.

Cost columns in Recipe dialog

Added new columns in the recipe dialog for Total cost, Cost/Kg and Cost/Liter. These columns are left blank by default, you have to check the Show cost checkbox to calculate these columns. Also improved the Excel export with some more data and costs.

Improved Compare dialog

Some improvements in the compare dialog. Color coding for different values, filtering and Excel export.

Create chart from all open recipes

A new method to create a chart and set the min/max ranges based on all open recipes.
Also moved all Chart creation methods as a drop down when pressing the + button below the chart list box.

Recipe Database Groups

It’s now possible to add recipes to different “recipe database groups”. You can for example have a TEST group and one PRODUCTION group etc…
In the recipe database dialog there is now a selection from what group you like to select your recipes.

You could do similar things before using the TAGS but this is a new feature that will tie in to a new User system later. Planning a system with Users where you can set privileges etc…more info later.

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