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Recipes Dialog

This is the recipe database.


Just type here and the list will filter


Filter by tags, you can also select if all the tags you select must be matched or just any of them using the Or checkbox


Filters by sub-ingredient


Edit the recipe properties. Opens the Recipe properties dialog.


Delete selected recipes


Rename recipe


Create a copy of selected recipes


Set the Info text for selected recipes


Set the Tags for the selected recipes. See the Tags dialog.


Set the rating for the selected recipes.


The merge and split buttons are part of the revision handling system. Recipes can have multiple revisions. Say you make different versions or tweaks to a recipe this usually means you create multiple recipes Vanilla1, Vanilla2 etc…When using revisions you can merge all these versions of a recipe and the older versions are stored as revisions. The recipe list will be cleaner and easier to read. So in the Vanilla case you will just have one recipe Vanilla with two revisions. The number of revisions for a recipe is shown in the list.


So, merge will merge the selected recipes and create one recipe with these recipes as different revisions. This is mostly used to be able to handle multiple recipes before the revision system was added to the calculator.


Split will remove all revisions of a recipe and add them back to the database as individual recipes.


Adds selected recipes to the Production planning.


Exports selected recipes to Excel.


Import files

This is a batch operation to import old .RCP files from before the recipes was stored in a database. This command will let you select a folder and all RCP files in this folder and sub-folders will be imported to the database.

Open file

Adds a .RCP recipe file to the database.


Exports selected recipes to files.


Displays all Recipe groups (RCPX) that the selected recipes are part of. More info in the Recipe groups dialog.


This will compare the modified date in recipes and check if the recipe contains ingredients that have been modified after this date. So, it will list recipes that might need to be inspected because some ingredient in that recipe has changed after the recipe was last modified.

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