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20 thoughts on “Latest version”

  1. Thank you so much great work on this it is really appreciated .
    I am big fan of yours. Keep up your awesome work. Kind Regards Paul

  2. Hi Icecreamcalc,

    thanks a lot for this amazing calculator, I’ve just started learning to make ice cream and your tool is soooo useful.

  3. excelent job, big thanks for all your hard work for making this. you help a lot of newbie ice cream maker like me. just little question. why did you exlude the stabilizer ? maybe just my opinion if we want all the detail calculation on the recipe including stabilizer because their big influence. thanks again.

    1. The default recipe that shows up when installing for the first time is a custard base. And I did not add stabilizers to that, it’s the only one of the standard recipes that does not have stabilizers. After starting the software the first time it will always load the latest recipe. But good point, maybe I will add stabilizers to that recipe as well.

  4. Great work Patrik!
    It works perfectly on my Windows 10. Now I can see all database ingredients with valuable information. 🙂
    Your app is the best I know about Ice Cream.

  5. 0.29 Version fixes some bugs and is welcome.
    Thanks Patrick!
    Right now I’m thinking about sugars an how they are managed in your software. Strictly speaking, lactose is a kind of sugar, but IceCreamCalc don’t take it to account in Total Sugars. This have a low impact on PAC and POD, but under nutritional point of view, this would be not very correct. Lactose has effects similar to sucrose on our metabolism, and for this reason, lactose should be taken into account for the total sum of sugars.
    It’s just an idea.

    1. Hello Luis,
      The lactose from milk and cream is not included in the total sugars as you have noted.
      This is because it is already included in the MSNF.
      If I would add lactose to the total sugars the solids from lactose would be counted twice so I have chosen not to include it in the sugars.
      Technically it would be possible to add the lactose to both the MSNF and total sugars but only add it to the solids once but as the software is written it is not possible at the moment.
      I have written about this in this post.
      Maybe I will look at this in the future if more people think it is a problem.

      1. I did’nt read your note on calculations. You are right.
        This certainly complicates matters. I will see how to fix this in my Excel.

  6. Great job on this. Looking really good already
    A free software like this was needed
    If you add multilanguage support for strings, I offer myself to do the Spanish translations
    Considering that Ice Cream is mostly on Italy, Spain/Latin America, and then well USA and other countries that use the english language.
    So it could benefit rom having translations, specially for the ingredients that the names change quite a lot
    Thanks for the app!

  7. I solved the lactose issue by defining a set for msnf (including lactose) and another set for sugars (including lactose). By having more than 1 header line and neighbouring sugar, lactose and milk proteins I could make clear that lactose belongs to msnf and sugar at the same time. When calculating the totals you have to make sure not to count lactose twice – but this can be done easily.

  8. Please add a”Save As” icon
    This was available in prior versions but I don’t see it on the latest. The Save As saved me a lot of time when making multiple versions of a given recipe.


  9. OK, found the “save as” under the “Recipe” place in the upper left-hand corner. That’s fine but it also should be placed in the toolbar as part of the icons, if possble.

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