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Addins Dialog

Add-ins are ingredients added to the recipe after churning. It can be cookies or swirls of different kinds for example. These ingredients does not affect the balancing of the mix so we don’t want them in the normal recipe. However if you create ingredient lists and nutrition labels we need to account for the add-ins as well.
You can also set the Density and Cost for each add-in. This information enables the calculator to calculate weight and volume for the mix and ice cream with add-ins added.
You can also decide if an add-in is just used as an infusion and not added to the actual ice cream but instead strained away.

Show in recipe

If this checkbox is checked the Add-ins will be shown after the other ingredients in the main window. These rows have another color and are read-only.
NOTE! The Weight column will not count the add-ins into the TOTAL weight cell. The Cost column however will count the add-ins if they are displayed. If you need the total weight with add-ins please add a Panel for this.

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