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Quick Start Guide

Your first recipe

When you start ICC (Ice Cream Calculator) the first time it will look like this.

A basic custard ice cream recipe is loaded. To create your own recipe start by pressing the Wizard button at the top of the window.

This is the easiest way to create a recipe that you later can tweak to your liking. Select the flavor and the type of ice cream you like to make.
Gelato, lower fat compared to ice cream
Ice cream, higher fat compared to gelato
Custard, ice cream with eggs
Vegan, vegan gelato style ice cream. Vegan has a bit more settings, for more info on vegan ice cream check this post. Introduction to Vegan ice cream.
You also select the Milk and Cream you like to use.
And finally you must select a secondary sugar, this is needed to be able to balance the recipe and control the sweetness and hardness of the ice cream.
Here you can read more about the Wizard dialog.

Press OK and the recipe is calculated and loaded. Here we select Vanilla Ice Cream using Whole milk, Heavy cream and Dextrose. We also load the Ice cream base chart from the Online charts.

A new balanced recipe is created.

All recipes in ICC are by Metric Weights in gram. It is possible to input recipes using volume but I strongly suggest getting a scale when using the calculator.

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