Here you can download the latest version. I recommend reading the documentation first.


Short description

Ice cream calculator is a free Windows software for ice cream mix balancing and recipes. It calculates useful data for ice cream making and recipe development. The database currently have approx 100 ingredients. This is purely a hobby project! If you use it I’d love to hear what you think and also any suggestions for improvements, new features, bugs etc. For more science background I refer you to the references in the documentation.

9 thoughts on “Start”

  1. You’ve done a great job with this calculator. I have a feature request and that’s having the ability to have a column for a 1000 gram recipe derived from the W%.

    I own quite a few ice cream books and find the ones that list their recipes in 1000 g quantities work well with the size of my ice cream makers.

    Again, great job. Much appreciated.


  2. I’m running David Lebovitz’s Peanut Butter recipe through your calc and notice that the PAC for 180 g of peanut butter is -128.07. Is that right, can you have a negative PAC?

    1. The software handles the hardening effects of fats from nuts and chocolate by modifying the PAC.
      This is not strictly correct but it gives a way to handle the hardening of these fats.
      I use the same method as the book “il gelato senza segreti” by Angelo Corvitto

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