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Edit Data Dialog

This is where you edit a data item in the charts or panels.

Data item

The data item, use the + button to select.


The caption displayed in panels and charts


If enabled this is the minimum value.


If enabled this is the maximum value.


Scale is used to control the height of the bar in the chart. Some data items are very small or very large and to make them look nicer in the chart you can use the scale to resize the actual bar in the graph. This scaling does not affect the actual value only the height of the bar.
For example, POD usually has a value well above 100 like 160-185 so you can set the scale to 0.1 to resize the actual bar in the chart to 16-18. And stabilizers and emulsifiers are usually very small so you can set a scale of 100 to make the bar height easier to see.

Current min/max

Sets the min and max value to the current value +/- 5%


If the Min and/or Max values are enabled this data item will be used when balancing.

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