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Evaporate Ingredient Dialog

Evaporate ingredient is an easy way to adjust for cooking a single ingredient. Easiest to explain with an example. You make a strawberry ice cream. You start with 500g of strawberries and cook them on the stove to reduce water or you roast them in the oven. Anyway after cooking the weight is reduced from 500g to 350g. You input the Start weight and the Final weight after cooking and the Evaporation is calculated. Now, if you like you can just press OK to add this adjusted ingredient to the recipe. If you like you can also check the Add to database checkbox to add it to the ingredient database. If the Use final weight is checked the weight in the recipe will be set to the Final weight.

You can also use a Brix value to set the PAC and POD of the ingredient.
This is useful for fruit purees, say you for example cook strawberries and you enter the start weight and final weight. Then you can measure the Brix and check the Use checkbox and the PAC and POD will be set from the Brix value and not from the original values in the database.

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