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6 thoughts on “Overrun”

    1. You input the weights. But the unit is not important.
      You fill a container with your ice cream mix and weigh it.
      Then you fill the same container with the ice cream and weigh that.
      Those are the weights you use. It doesn’t matter what unit you weigh in and doesn’t matter how large your container is.
      But the larger the more accurate of course.

  1. Hello dear
    while adding the ingredients to the application the estimated overrun for my strawberry(sorbet) recipe is 25%

    but after testing it weight of mix vs weight of ice cream I’m getting 7.5%
    noting that the ice cream texture is great and the freezing point is 11.5 c Gelato and 14C Ice cream, POD = 240 and PAC 346
    My questing is that this overrun bad or ok or good ?

    thanking you in advance

    1. Ok, first the Overrun in the software is not an estimated overrun. It is a user supplied value.
      There is no way to calculate the actual overrun because it depends both on the recipe and most of all on the equipment.
      So, in the settings you set the overrun your machine usually gives you. This overrun value is then used to estimate the volume of ice cream.
      For your sorbet 7.5% sounds ok to me, maybe a bit low. I have actually not measured the overrun for sorbet so I’m not sure exactly what is normal.
      I think if you make sorbet in a professional batch freezer you get approx 20% overrun.

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