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Nutrient Balance Chart Dialog

This is a tool to create a chart that can be used to reverse engineer a product.
You fill in the nutrient label data and press Create chart.
A chart with the selected nutrient data is created.

Use in chart

Only nutrient data with this checkbox checked will be added to the chart.

Chart name

The name of the chart to create

Balance ingredients in order

When doing reverse engineering it is important to make sure the ingredients are in the correct order. Checking this checkbox will add this constraint to the chart.

Min/Max range

The chart created will set the min/max values to be within this range.

How to use

This is how you use this tool.

You have a product that you would like to reverse engineer and calculate how much there is of each ingredient.

Start by creating a new recipe and all all ingredients in the correct order as indicated on the ingredient list of the product.

Then go to this dialog and input the nutrient label data as shown on the product.

Press create chart and then balance the recipe using this chart.

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