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Production Planning Dialog

Calendar tab

The production planning allows you to organize and plan your production. You add recipes in the calendar tab on the day they should be produced. After production you will finish and close the items and if you use the inventory system the stock database can be updated.

You can rearrange the order of the recipes by drag-and-drop and you can print production reports.

The panels are color coded and a green dot means the recipe has been finished and a red dot means it is open and has not been produced yet.

Double-Click on a panel to edit. Opens the Edit production planning dialog. Here you can change the production quantity/weight.

Right-Click on a panel to show more options.

Edit – Opens the Edit production planning dialog.
Open – For recipes it opens the recipe in a tab in the main dialog. For RCPX it opens the RCPX dialog.
Delete – Removes the panel
Produced – Opens the Close production dialog.
Copy to clipboard – Copies the Name, dbid and date to the clipboard to be used to for example create a label for the product.


Takes you back to todays date in the calendar.

Prev – Next < >

Change week

Add recipe

Add a recipe for production. Opens the recipe database and lets you select recipes for production.


Add a RCPX for production.


Set all recipes for that day as produced. Opens the Close production dialog.


Prints all recipes for that day.

List tab

In the List tab all recipes in the calendar is displayed and you can see the weight and cost of ingredients or products. The right list shows the ingredients or products for the selected items in the left list. You can select recipes manually in the list with multiselect or use the buttons for quick selection.


Selects recipes for todays date.

+ 7 days

Select recipes for today and 7 days forward.

Next week

Select recipes for next week.

Hide old

Hides recipes before todays date.


Remove recipe from production.


Open selected recipes in the main dialog.


Export the ingredient/products to Excel.


Toggle to show either ingredients used or products used.

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