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Edit Stocktaking Dialog

This is where you perform the actual stocktaking. Full support for barcode scanning. Just scan a product to add it to the stocktaking or press the Add button.

At the top you have the Name and some date info and total quantity and value. There is also a Status panel showing if the stocktaking is Open, Closed, Full or Partial. If is closed adding and deleting of items are not possible.

The Quantity and Weight in the list can be changed manually. Just click in the cell to edit.

Barcode id

This is a toggle button enabling or disabling barcode scanner support.
If enabled you can scan a product to add it to the stocktaking.


Select a product from the database and add it to the stocktaking.


Delete an item in the list.


When you have finished the stocktaking you can close it. This will open the Close stocktaking dialog where you have the option to update the inventory database.
You can close the dialog with the OK button without Closing the stocktaking, it will then remain open and you can continue working on it later.


Export the stocktaking to Excel.

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