Next version

– Added Lactose to the ingredients. Sugar is all sugars except lactose.
– In the default database there is the sugar Lactose. I have not changed this yet as it would not work for people with older versions. I will probably change this in the future though. So if you use lactose in your recipe you can make a copy and change the sugar to lactose to get all the data calculations correct.
– Fixed some bugs in the Balance tool.
– Added Water, Sugar and Lactose to the Balance tool.
– Now the Off checkbox is saved when you add a new user target.

Ver 0.46 (February 21 2021)

– A larger change of the main list. You can now customize what to show in the list. The summary row has also been merged with the main list. There are a few different presets of what to show in the list.
– Better autosizing of the list and window.
– Fixed a bug with the evaporation and the water displayed for individual ingredients, The total sum was correct but the displayed value for each ingredient was wrong. (Thanks Max Rife for spotting this)
– Fixed bug with New button when resizing window

Ver 0.45 (February 18 2021)

– Some improvements in the balance tool.
– Made a Balance tutorial.

Ver 0.44 (February 17 2021)

– Added sugar to database. Table sugar, granulated sugar, or regular sugar, refers to sucrose. Sucrose is of course in the database but to make it easier for new users to find normal sugar I add “sugar” to the database. It is the same as sucrose.
– Fixed Freezing curve in F. The chart was not looking correct.
– Added SaveAs as a button again.
– Added F/C toggle on main page.
– Added customize chart. Now you can select the data shown in the chart.

Ver 0.43 (February 15 2021)

– Added freezing curve to main page as a small chart.
– Double-Click och the charts will open the detailed data and the freezing curve respectively.
– User interface updates.
– Added ml and ounce to the conversion dialog and did some redesign of the dialog box.
– Added US fl oz and UK fl oz to volume converter.
– Added a FAQ. Please let me know what more to add here!

Ver 0.41 (February 13 2021)

– Added an Update button to the Share recipe dialog
– Added Copy to clipboard in the Data dialog to copy the ingredients in plain text.
– Lactose from MSNF is now displayed in the sugar column and in the data tables (thanks to Jens Messmer).

Ver 0.40 (February 03 2021)

– OK, did a quick update here because of an annoying bug in the last version. Sorry folks!
– Updated the documentation.
– Fixed bug with Up/Down arrows in main list.

Ver 0.39 (February 02 2021)

– Introducing HF-Hardening Factor. This replaces the method of using negative PAC for chocolate and nuts categories.
– Added Cacao fat to the ingredient data. All Chocolate ingredients have been updated. If you need to change your own chocolate ingredients there is a button in the ingredient dialog that will swap the Fat with Cacao fat to make it easy to change.
– Also added two buttons to automatically calculate the HF in the ingredient dialog.
– The Cacao Fat was added mainly because the software is also used by people making pralines and ganache. In these applications it is important to know the Cacao fat content.
– The Curve dialog now shows both the % Frozen Water curve and a Hardness curve.
– All ingredients in the nuts and chocolate category have been updated with the new HF value and the negative PAC have been removed.
– User defined ingredients should preferably also be updated by the user. The HF is set to CacaoFat*0.9+Other solids*1.8 for chocolate and Other fat*1.4 for the Nuts. This follows the Corvitto book.
– Added more columns to main table. Separate columns for Butter fat, Cacao fat, Other fat and Total fat. Added HF (Hardening Factor) column.
– Main table can now be sorted by pressing the column headers.
– Added Energy calculation. This is a calculated value using the TotalFat, Sugar, Alcohol, MSNF and Other solids. (Ingredients with a high fiber content might be a bit off). The energy is shown in the Data and Print functions and in the Ingredient edit dialog.

Ver 0.37 (January 28 2021)

– I have simplified the PAC system. This means I no longer modify the PAC to handle the hardening effects of cacao fat and nut fats. I have also removed the PAC from alcohol and salt, these settings really did not say anything and the freezing point is already calculated separately for salt and alcohol. PAC is also renamed to PACse to clarify that the PAC is for the sucrose equivalent.
– When removing all PAC settings for salt and alcohol I have also removed this info from the program.
– I have added Alcohol and Salt to the main form list and to the data and print lists.
– Database is updated with the modified PACse values for all the ingredients in the nuts and chocolate categories.
– Some small improvements to the database dialog. Columns can be resized and the list can be sorted.
– Added a checkbox in settings to control autosize of ingredient list

Ver 0.36 (January 21 2021)

– Added a “What’s new” link in the Check for updates dialog.
– Various minor bug fixes

Ver 0.35 (January 13 2021)

– Fixed bug in “Save as ingredient…” The PAC and POD was 10 times to high.

Ver 0.34 (January 11 2021)

– Some small bug fixes.
– Added a new Note control. You can now add nicer text and images etc…
– Added default category in ingredient list. This is the category that will be selected as default.
– Added Normalized PAC to front page. Normalized PAC is more closely related to the hardness of the ice cream than PAC.
– Added Private/Public filter when listing the Shared recipes.

Ver 0.33 (December 31 2020)

– Added serving temp to front page. It will show the serving temp interval for 70% to 75% frozen water. I usually try to make sure -15C/5F is in this interval.
– Some minor fixes.

Ver 0.32 (December 23 2020)

– New feature! Added a SHARE function. Now you can save/load recipes from an online database. You can save your recipe in the database instead for on file. You can also decide if other users should be able to see your recipe or not. I will start putting up my own recipes here for all to checkout.
– Window now auto-size itself to automatically show all ingredients in the list.

Ver 0.31 (December 21 2020)

– Some small user interface changes.
– Added an “Add-Ins” list that is not included in the data calculations. These are ingredients that are mixed in after the ice cream has been churned.
– Added checkboxes to the balance tool to be able to exclude targets from the calculation. For example if you don’t care what the total fat will be you can exclude that from the balance calculation. Makes it more flexible when balancing.

Ver 0.30 (December 15 2020)

– Added total fat to the Balance tool.
– Fixed standard recipes. When changing dextrose in the last version the standard recipes used 100% dextrose and not 92% as is more common. This is now fixed so all standard recipes uses 92% dextrose.

Ver 0.29 (December 06 2020)

– Updated Dextrose in the standard database. The dextrose in the database is 8% water but the PAC and POD was for 100% dextrose and not 92%. So the PAC is changed from 190 to 174.8 and the POD is changed from 70 to 64.4. (Thanks Luis for spotting this)
– Fixed some other bugs related to Dextrose (and Fructose)
– Added Auto update and check for update. This means starting from this version you can automatically download and install the latest version from inside the program. If a new version is available you will get a notice when starting the program (just once!). You can also manually check for updates in the Settings dialog.

Ver 0.27 (December 03 2020)

– Fixed bug with Food Data Central. A file was missing from the installation.
– Fixed some small bugs in the FDC dialog.
– Moved the standard database online. This makes it possible to add/change ingredients without having to release a new version. There will be a cached standard database if there is no internet connection.

Ver 0.26 (November 23 2020)

– Added a “Rescale” button. I very often want to change the total weight of the recipe. The problem is that almost always I have some ingredients that are fixed, that I don’t want to change. It can be stabilizers, egg, or chocolate etc….. So when pressing rescale you can lock the weight of any ingredients and rescale the total weight.

Ver 0.25 (November 18 2020)

– Minor change to the General standard recipe.
– Made main window resizable and other small changes to the user interface.
– More work on the balance feature. Now the results are even better and more reliable even if the recipe is very unbalanced from the start.
— Also stabilizers are checked as excluded by default (you usually does not want to include them in the balancing).
— Default values are also changed to what I feel are good values.
— Added a target dropdown where you can select from different target profiles. Also Add/Remove of user target profiles. Default profiles are “Current”, “Default”, “Super premium”, “Premium” and “Gelato”

Ver 0.24 (November 16 2020)

– Added +/- buttons to increase/decrease stabilizers and keep the ratio between the stabilizers.
– Some small changes to USDA dialog. Added a “Require all words” checkbox. Added saturated fat in the info, the idea is to use this in the future for a hardening factor (not implemented yet). Also a debug file was written to c:/temp by mistake.
– Added Stabilizer/Water and MSNF/Water to the main page for quick access.
– Some minor improvements in the Balance feature. I now put more weight on the total solids and POD. I believe these are more important to get right. I might make it possible to adjust these weights from the user interface to have more control over the balance calculations. You can now also press the balance again to maybe have a different result since the process is randomized.
– Added “Auto check recipe” to settings dialog. The standard database is constantly changed and improved so when loading an old recipe from file, the ingredients might be updated compared to when the recipe was created. So, when loading a recipe file the system can compare the ingredients in the recipe with the same ingredients in the database. If any changes are found you will be prompted if you would like to update the recipe. This function is also available on a button at the top of the dialog. Turn on/off this feature in the settings.
– Added “Save as ingredient…”. Now you can save a recipe as an ingredient. For example Caramel – Sugar, Cream, Butter, Water, Salt, Evaporation -> Ingredient! So, input the individual ingredients in a recipe and calculate the evaporation then save the recipe as a new ingredient Caramel using the calculated parameters for fat, sugar, solids PAC POD etc… Can also for example be used for your own stabilizer blends etc…

Ver 0.23 (November 13 2020)

NEW! Add ingredients from “FoodData Central” database at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They supply an API Webservice to their database with thousands of items and nutritional data. https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/index.html. This is still a test, works fine in the developer version but not tested by users yet. Also same problem as with the Nutrient method that dairy products does not work (the MSNF etc is not filled in).
NEW! Added a method to add ingredients using label/nutrition info. This will make it much easier to add new ingredients. Just input the portion size and then input the fat, carbs, protein, salt(sodium) and sugar. Optional is to add water, and if available many different sugars. This method will only work for ingredients of type general. This button replaces the “Add simple” and “Sugar calculator” as it does the same work as both of them. I will publish a post showing how to use this new feature.
– Updated Honey in the database. Using my new sugar calculator I can get more correct values for these items with different sugars in them. The new values are PAC=140, POD=92 and Water=17%
– Update Invert Sugar to PAC=152 and POD=98 and Sugars=82%. Invert sugar is complicated because it depends on water content and how much residual sucrose is left. These values are from a commercial brand with 18% water and 95% of the sucrose inverted to fructose and glucose.
– Added Trehalose to database. This is a sugar with PAC=100 and POD=20.
– Added Strawberry Sorbet to standard recipes.

Ver 0.22 (November 10 2020)

– Added General base to standard recipes. This is my latest and in my opinion the best base yet. It has quite a lot of ingredients and some might have to be ordered online, but it’s worth it!
– Updated the Calculations post to clarify why the lactose from milk and cream is not listed in the sugar column.
– Added Lactose, Maltose and Galactose to standard database
– Added new stabilizers. Carrageenan (Lambda, Kappa, Iota), Carboxymethyl Cellulose (also known as Tylo Powder or CMC) and Tapioca Starch.
– Added Light Corn Syrup to database.
– Added Cornstarch to volume converter
– Fixed bug with Egg Yolk in volume converter, egg yolk was not autodetected correctly.
– Some changes to volume converter. Added 1/8 in the parts dropdown. Added TBSP Australia. Clarified TBSP and TSP. Added suffixes, TBSP US, TBSP Metric and TBSP Australia, TSP US and TSP Metric. The TBSP is different between metric, US and Australia when used in cooking. TBSP in Metric is 15ml, US is 14.79ml and Australia is 20ml. TSP in metric is 5ml, US is 4.93ml and Australia is 5ml.
– Added a milk and cream selector. The Balance and Milk/Cream functions needs to know the two main milk and cream ingredients. So when using these functions a selector dialog opens where you can select these two ingredients. So, now it is possible to use these functions with for example “Double Cream” and “Whole milk”. Before you had to rename these as “Cream” and “Milk”.

Ver 0.21 (October 10 2020)

– Fixed bug with new ingredients getting the wrong category.
– Updated all the fruits with better PAC/POD values using the proper sugar types in each fruit and berries. Everything updated except Figs, Passion fruit and Grapes. I could not find the data for these and grapes come in so many types it’s impossible to find one correct value.

Ver 0.20 (September 05 2020)

– I got a comment from an anonymous user that pointed out most of the fruit ingredients have the wrong PAC/POD values. I use data from the book “il gelato senza segreti” by Angelo Corvitto, and in that book all fruits has the same PAC/POD as the sugar content. This is of course not correct because fruits have different sugars in them and not only sucrose. SO, to fix this I have added a SUGAR dialog where you can enter the amount of different sugars and get the correct PAC/POD values.
– Improvements of the BALANCE feature.
– Added lots of milk and cream ingredients. This is a total mess with milk and cream in different countries. Mostly tried to add from US and UK. Double Cream, Whipping Cream, Heavy Whipping Cream, Light Whipping Cream, Light Cream, Half and half, Whole milk US, Whole milk UK, Milk2%, Milk Low Fat.
– Added the most important data first in the DATA and PRINT dialogs. (Butter fat,Total fat,MSNF,TSNF,Total solids,POD,PAC and Freezing point.
– Added No Cook Base to standard recipes
– Added Fior di Latte Gelato to standard recipes

Ver 0.19 (August 18 2020)

– Added a standardizing method to change the fat content of cream and milk. Say you have a recipe with a certain milk and cream fat content (say 3.5% and 46%) but you only have milk and cream with 3% and 40% fat. Just run this method and type in your available cream and milk and it will recalculate the amount of milk and cream.
– Balance calculator. Set target Butterfat, MSNF, Total solids, PAC and POD. Then this function modifies the weights of the ingredients to balance the recipe. You can fix certain ingredients and set min-max ranges.
– Added a “Simple add method” in the Edit ingredient dialog box. When pressing this button you enter FAT,SUGAR and WATER. All other properties are then calculated. This can be a good start when adding a new ingredient and this data (fat,sugar,water) can usually easily be found on the nutritional label or in a nutrition database.
– Added Compare recipe. Compares two recipes data side by side.
– Had forgotten Save warning when closing program. This has now been added.

Ver 0.18 (August 13 2020)

– The Print button now also copies the HTML to the clipboard. Then you can paste it in your favourite word processor if needed.
– Added warnings if recipe needs saving.

Ver 0.17 (August 05 2020)

– Updated the ingredient database dialog. A new list with more data shown on each row
– Some performance improvements on “slow” lists.
– Categorized all standard ingredients. (How to handle saved recipes?)
– Added Skim Milk 0% fat.
– Added green color indication on the Note button if there is a notation.
– Added “Ingredient type” combo box. This can be General, Milk or cream, Stabilizer or Egg yolk.
— Did this change to be able to present the amount of egg yolks, egg yolk lecithin, stabilizers and stabilizers/water in the data tables.

Ver 0.16 (July 27 2020)

– Added a Notes button. Here you can write notes that is saved with your recipe.
– You can now scale other ingredients when changing one ingredient. Added a Weight mode selection.
– The weight mode controls how the other ingredients weights are changed
Ingredient: The other ingredients are not changed
Lock total weight: The other ingredients are scaled so that the total weight is the same as before
Scale: The other ingredients are changed with the same factor as the modified ingredient. This keeps the recipe the same but scaled to the ingredient you change
– Added Almond paste, Hazelnut paste, Nougat paste, Peanut paste, Pistachio paste, Pine nut paste and Walnut paste
– Updated honey again! Honey has POD=130 and PAC=190, I see different values for honey and have decided to use the numbers from Il Gelato Senza Segreti.
– Added Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange, Mandarin, Banan, Pineapple, Peach, Pear, Apple, Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Apricot, Passion fruit, Cherry, Blueberry, Water melon, Figs, Kiwi, Papaya and Grape
– Added Tomato, Carrot, Celery, Fennel, Cucumber and Red pepper

Ver 0.15 (July 25 2020)

– Updated PAC and POD for Honey
– Edit button now displays a simple html report with a print possibility. More work will be done here with export possibilities etc.
– You can hide the standard database of ingredients and only view user defined ingredients. You find this in the settings dialog.
– Added warning if Total solids > 100% when editing an ingredient
– Now possible to change weight by W%
– Added “Lock weight”, if checked the mix weight is fixed and the ingredient weights are scaled automatically.
– Added temperature for 75% frozen water
– Added %frozen water for -14C (6.8F) serving temp. Should be 70-75%
– Freezing curve dialog now works with fahrenheit. Also shows a table of %FW for temperature range.

Ver 0.14 (July 18 2020)

– Removed the editor. This makes the software pure .NET Any CPU. Also smaller file size.
– Will replace editor with some html or pdf export…

Ver 0.13 (July 16 2020)

– Settings dialog to select Celsius or Fahrenheit.
– Added recommended serving temp range based on 65%-70% frozen water
– Added data dialog for a more detailed data table with everything I calculate.
– Added lime juice and lemon juice to standard database.
– For the moment there is only one standard recipe.
– Changed the freezing point calculations. I now correctly (hopefully) calculate the FP. I calculate FP separately for PACse, PACsalt and PACalcohol and I now also add FP for MSNF. So, milk and cream and SMP don’t show any PACsalt but the FP for salts from MSNF is included. I also now don’t just add all the PACs and calc the FP but calc the FPs separately and sum them. This should be more accurate and correct.

Ver 0.12

– Updated info text for standard bases
– Help button now links to website

Ver 0.11

– Changed freezing point calculations. They are now more accurate. Still a simplification but should be ok/better.
– Update all chocolates in the database with better PAC/POD values

Ver 0.1

– Added freezing curve
– Added recent file list
– Updated Ingredients dialog, added more data
– Improved database and added categories and search/filter
– Added more tooltips


– Weight to volume tool…
– More nutrient info in all ingredients to be able to create proper nutrient labels…different rules for different countries.
– Maybe a Wizard to create a mix from scratch??? (With automatic balancing)
– Figure out how to add dairy products using nutrient labels.
– Add a hardening factor from fats instead of modifying the PAC value.
– Add acidity to the ingredient data.
– Customizable data and print info by user.
– Stabilizer blends…from dropdown?
– Export ingredients database to CSV file?
– Export freezing curve to CSV