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Report Tags Dialog

TAGS to be used in report templates. The tags are divided into different groups. Selecting a TAG will show a preview of its value in the Value box. Double-Clicking on a TAG will copy it to the clipboard and can be pasted in the document. So, what you do is to edit a Word report template and switch back to ICC and start this dialog. Here you can copy tags and paste in the Word document.


Tags from the settings dialog and the ingredient list and allergens.


Nutrient tags per 100g.

Nutrients/Serving size

Nutrient tags for serving size. This requires you set the serving size in the settings.

Daily value

Daily value tags for serving size

Recipe group

Recipe group tags. Expanding tags.


Ingredient tags. Expanding tags.

Recipe data

Data tags.

Expanding tags

Expanding tags are tags that will expand if placed in a table. These include the Ingredient tags and the recipe group tags.

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