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Settings Dialog


Select the language used in the software.
If you have the translation password you can press the button and enter the translation dialog and make translations. Contact if you like to contribute to the translation. More info on how to do this is in this post.
Note! All languages are not fully translated.

Translate ingredients

Check this if you like ingredients to be translated or not.

Volume unit

Set the volume unit used in the places volume is presented.


The estimated overrun. Overrun can not be calculated automatically so to be able to estimate the final ice cream volume you have to manually type in the overrun. Overrun can also be changed in the main dialog and in the overrun dialog.

Nutrients per/

In Europe for example the nutrient data is always presented per 100g but in other countries the nutrient data is presented on a per portion weight. So, here you can change how the nutrient data is presented in for example the Nutrients dialog.

Adjust for overrun

If this checkbox is checked the serving temp calculations will be adjusted slightly with the amount of overrun. An ice cream with more overrun is softer compared to an ice cream with less overrun.


Affects how temperature is presented in the charts and freezing curves.

Autosize recipe table

If this checkbox is checked the recipe will always auto size to show all ingredients in the recipe. If it is unchecked the size of the recipe table is fixed and can be resized by the split bar in the main dialog.

Load last recipe at startup

If this is checked the last active recipe will be loaded when starting the calculator.

Show recipe locked warnings

Here you can turn off the warnings for locked recipes.

Automatic backups

Here you can enable and setup automatic backups of all you ingredients and recipes. The automatic backup will take one backup per day and keep 20 backups. The backups are a ZIP file containing the data folder and is placed in the folder supplied here.

Restore a backup

To restore a backup you simply unzip the backup ZIP file and select the file as your database.


This is the database file that contains all the data and settings for the calculator.
Open folder, opens the folder where the file is located
Select database, select an existing database file as your database
New database, creates a new database
Copy database, creates a new database by copying your current database
Import from old version, press this button to import all data from a version 3 data folder to your database.

Login password

You can set a PIN code that must be entered to start the calculator.
Check the PIN checkbox and press the Set PIN code button to enter a PIN code. Every time you start the calculator you will have to enter the PIN code. Important! If you forget the PIN code you will not be able to start the calculator. Contact support for information how to reset the password.

User variables

Here you can define up to six user defined variables used in the ingredients. This enables you to customize the system with more data. It could be to use the calculator for something totally different from ice cream or it could be to add more detailed data on ice cream.

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