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Ice Cream Calculator is a Windows program and will not work directly on a Mac computer.
But there are three options that might wok.


You can use Bootcamp and install Windows. Then just install the calculator in the normal way.

Virtual environment

You can install WMware or similar virtual environment and install Windows in there.


You might be able to use Wine to run the calculator.
This option is the only option you have that does not require a Windows installation of some kind.
It is also the most complicated!
Fellow user André has worked all this out and together with him and some modifications to the calculator this might work.
All features have not been tested yet and if anyone tries this please let use know how it works.

These are the instructions from André. (Big thanks!)

Install homebrew if you have not yet. 

/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL”

Install wine with winetricks and dotnet45. The dotnet45 installation takes several minutes and you need to click through Microsoft’s installer. When you are asked if you want to restart your computer, answer that you want to restart it. It only restarts wine, not your Mac 🙂 

brew tap gcenx/wine && brew install –cask –no-quarantine wine-crossover
brew install winetricks
wineboot –init
winetricks –force dotnet45 corefonts

Note: If you have an existing Wine installation that you would not like to break, you can install this somewhere else by typing beforehand. For example:

export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/winedotnet

Ice Cream Calculator
Download icecreamcalculator and unzip somewhere. Launch “Wine Crossover” from the launchpad. In the terminal that pops up.
Important! You can not download the installation from the normal download page. You have to download this zip and unzip it in a folder of your choice. This link will be updated when new versions are released. Also the auto update feature in the calculator will not work, when a new version is released you should visit this site and download the ZIP file.

cd <the ICC folder>
wine IceCreamCalculator.exe


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