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Language translation support


Finally a new feature that I have had many requests for. The calculator now supports translations to basically any language.


In the settings dialog you can select a language. You can also decide if you want to translate all standard ingredients or not.
The list of languages to select from will depend on users helping with the translations to different languages.
Pressing the button to the right of the Language list will open up the translation tool. If you think you can contribute and help translating you will need a password.
In case you would like to help please contact me and I will send the password.

After changing language you will have to restart the calculator for all the translations to show up properly.

Making translations

In the translation dialog you have a list of languages. Select the language and then just start translating.

Tip! Double-clicking on the English word will copy it to the clipboard. This can be useful if you like to use for example google translate or if you want to use the same text as the translated word.
Tip! Please translate all words, even words that don’t need translating. This will make it easier to spot new words when new versions are released and it will be easier for other users to know that everything has been translated.

The translations are stored in an online database and will be loaded when the calculator starts.

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  1. hello, I would like to help with the translation into my Portuguese language Brazil, thank you for the opportunity…

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