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Production planning


If you have a small shop or business the production planning and inventory module is for you. Using a calendar planning tool you add the recipes you will make. Keep track of ingredients, products and prices. Automatically update you inventory when a batch has been produced. Set up an inventory of products and make stocktaking using a barcode scanner.

Here follows a short introduction to the Production and Inventory system.


In the calendar tab you add your recipes and the weight you plan to produce.
Clicking the panes brings up the Edit dialog where you can modify the weight, date and type a note for this recipe. You can also print the recipe.
After you have actually made this batch you can click the Produced button to update your inventory. If you have linked your products to ingredients you will be prompted to adjust the inventory accordingly.


In the List tab you will see all your production.
Selecting items in the list on the left will update the list on the right with the amount of ingredients or products used. You can also use the buttons above the list to quickly select items. You can select to view ingredients used for the selected recipes or products from your inventory.


Sample inventory of products

The inventory tab is where you handle your product inventory.
This module will be easiest to use if you have a barcode scanner as many of the functions are designed for scanners. (It is possible to use this module without a scanner).
Here you will add your actual products and keep track of your inventory.

Adding purchased products using a barcode scanner

Double-clicking on a product brings up the product properties page.

Example product

Here you set all the data connected to the product. Important fields are the barcode id and the Unit weight. The Ingredient link can be set to connect a product to an ingredient in the database. If this link is set you will have the option to automatically update the inventory when a batch is produced.

To the right you see the list of all your purchases. So, every time you purchase this product you will scan it and populate the list. In the purchase dialog you can set quantity, price and dates.

Below the list is the Quantity field. This is the quantity of this product that you actually have in stock. The list will update and is color coded to reflect the Quantity.


When making a stocktaking you scan your products and update the inventory.
There are different ways to make your stocktaking.
– Full. Updates the inventory with your scanned products and sets all non-scanned products to 0.
– Partial. Updates the inventory with your scanned items and all non-scanned products are unchanged.
– Report only. Does not update the inventory.

This is an example of a stocktaking.

After scanning you press the OK button if you want to save and continue later. You press the Close button if you want to close the stocktaking and update the inventory.

Now you can see all products you scanned, the current quantity and the difference between the current inventory and the scanned products. You can now select to just Close this stocktaking without updating the inventory or to update the inventory database. The Scanned items only checkbox controls if you want to update all products in the inventory or only the scanned products.

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