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Toblerone Ice Cream

Ice cream inspired by the Toblerone chocolate. Milk chocolate ice cream with almond and honey nougat pieces. Using high quality Swiss chocolate from Felchlin.

Toblerone Ice Cream

Recipe by icecreamcalc










  • Milk (3%)
    500 g

  • Cream (40%)
    220 g

  • Skim milk powder
    20 g

  • Sucrose
    25 g

  • Dextrose
    70 g

  • Honey
    40 g

  • Felchlin Maracaibo Creole 49
    120 g

  • Felchlin Maracaibo Clasificado 65
    80 g

  • Lecithin (liquid)
    3 g

  • Stabilizer (read more…)
    1.5 g

  • Torrone pieces (almond and honey nougat)
    300 g


  • Add all dry ingredients to a bowl and mix well
  • Add all other ingredients to a pot
  • Whisk in the dry ingredients
  • Slowly heat the mix to 85C/185F while stirring
  • Transfer to a zip-lock bag and chill in ice water
  • Age in fridge for at least 4 hours
  • Process it in the ice cream machine
  • At the end of churning add the chopped nougat
  • Torrone
  • Use a soft honey and almond nougat or make your own. I used this recipe but only used almonds for the add-ins. I also did not use the wafer paper as the nougat will be chopped up before using. This recipe will make much more than you need for the ice cream.
  • Freeze the nougat and once frozen chop into small pieces.


  • Use your favorite stabilizer and modify weight as needed. More info on this page
  • If using milk/cream with a different fat % use the software to recalculate or this page

3 thoughts on “Toblerone Ice Cream”

  1. Hello,
    I decided to make this ice cream as my kids love toblerone 🙂 I noticed you are using the lecithin in liquid form. I only have lecithin powder. Could you tell me please, do I use in my case then less/more of lecithin powder? Many thanks,

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