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Dumle Ice Cream

Ice cream flavoured with Dumle, it’s a scandinavian soft toffee covered with milk chocolate.


Add all dry ingredients to a bowl and mix well.
Add the milk, cream and egg yolks to a pan.
Whisk in the dry ingredients.
Add the dumle and slowly heat to 83C/181F.
Transfer to a zip-lock bag and chill in ice water.
Age in fridge overnight or at least four hours.
Run in ice cream machine.


IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Milk (3.0%)400.033.28
Cream (40.0%)375.031.20
Skim milk powder50.04.16
Egg yolk54.04.49
Cremodan 500 Coldline2.000.17


Butter fat13.5 %
Total fat16.7 %
MSNF8.6 %
TSNF32.6 %
Total solids49.2 %
Freezing point-4.0°C, 24.8°F
Weight1202.0 g
Final weight1202.0 g

4 thoughts on “Dumle Ice Cream”

  1. Tried it and it was delicious. The other day I did it again but replaced the ”Dumle kola” with ”Rollo Licorice” and added a pinch of salt. This I will certainly do again! The taste was exactly what I was looking for.

  2. This one looks amazing. Unfortunately, Dumle are super expensive to order over here. I think I’ll try making some Dumle copycat toffee and see how it goes 🙂

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