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Blood Orange Sorbet


Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
Add the orange juice and lemon juice to a blender.
On low speed add all dry ingredients.
Run on high for one minute.
Age in fridge for at least four hours.
Add back to blender and run on high for 30 seconds.
Run in ice cream machine

You can of course use normal orange juice as well.
Stabilizer is the Cremodan 500 Coldline, it is a stabilizer blend that does not need heating. It can be replaced with a blend of 2g CMC, 1g Guar and 1g lambda carrageenan or 2g gelatin (needs heating) and 0.5g xanthan depending on what you have available. If you don’t have stabilizers that hydrates cold you of course need to heat the mix.
The dextrose can be replaced by the same weight of glucose syrup.
The inulin can be omitted.


IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Blood orange juice800.077.44
Lemon juice30.02.90
Cremodan 500 Coldline6.00.58
Citric acid1.000.10
Add the citric acid and salt to taste to balance the flavour.


Butter fat0.0 %
Total fat0.5 %
MSNF0.0 %
TSNF26.4 %
Total solids26.8 %
Freezing point-2.7°C, 27.1°F
Weight1033.0 g
Final weight1033.0 g
Energy/100g109 kcal
Energy/100g457 kJ
Evaporation0.0 g
Evaporation %0.0 %
Butter fat0.0 %
Cacao fat0.0 %
Other fat0.5 %
Total fat0.5 %
Total sugar23.2 %
Sugar23.2 %
Lactose0.0 %
Lactose/Water0.0 %
MSNF0.0 %
MSNF/Water0.0 %
Other solids3.1 %
TSNF26.4 %
Total solids26.8 %
Water73.2 %
Stabilizers0.58 %
Stabilizers/Water0.79 %
Egg yolks0.0 %
Egg yolk lecithin0.0 %
Salt0.1 %
Alcohol0.0 %
PAC se314.7
PAC normalized430.2
FP SE-2.6°C, 27.2°F
FP MSNF0.0°C, 32.0°F
FP Salt-0.1°C, 31.8°F
FP Alcohol0.0°C, 32.0°F
Freezing point-2.7°C, 27.1°F
Frozen water @-14.0°C, 6.8°F75.4 %
Temp at HF65-9.5°C, 15.0°F
Temp at HF70-11.3°C, 11.7°F
Temp at HF75-13.8°C, 7.2°F

7 thoughts on “Blood Orange Sorbet”

  1. Is there a commercial stabilizer available in the USA like Cremodan coldline 500?
    I am looking for a ready-to-use blend

    1. I know Modernist Pantry has some sorbet stabilizer for cold process. You can also google for ice cream stabilizer cold process and see what you find.

  2. I made this today – amazing, so much better than the icy-textured ones I’ve made previously! I used the xanthan gum + gelatin version.

    I had to omit the lemon juice as I didn’t have lemons and the calculator was saying it was all still okay within range, but I think you’re correct in thinking it is better flavour-wise with it, or upping the citric acid to compensate for the reduced tang. My other slight mistake was using icing (confectioner’s) sugar, because the only caster sugar I had was quite strongly-flavoured golden caster sugar which I knew wouldn’t taste right – it behaves fine, but it has a distinct taste in the final mixture and plain caster sugar would be better.

    1. I think it depends on the flavor but I think a sweetness between 17% and 25% is normal. i.e POD 170 to 250.

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