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Oreo Ice Cream

Testing a base of 17% fat, 11% MSNF, 43% Total solids and 170 POD (relative sweetness).


I cooked this ice cream sous vide.
Mix all the dry ingredients.
Add the milk and vanilla extract to a blender.
On low speed add all the dry ingredients.
Run on high for one minute.
Turn speed down and add the cream and egg yolks.
Run on low for 30 seconds.
Transfer to a zip-lock bag and sous-vide at 80C/176F for one hour.
Chill in ice bath or cold water.
Rest in fridge for 24 hours or at least 4 hours.
Run in ice cream machine.
Transfer to a container and add the crushed oreos.


IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Milk (3.0%)400.038.41
Cream (40.0%)375.036.01
Skim milk powder61.05.86
Egg yolk51.04.90
Vanilla extract5.00.48
Locust bean gum0.800.08
Guar gum0.400.04
Lambda Carrageenan0.200.02
Add-inWeight (g)Info
Crushed oreos0.006-8 cookies


Butter fat15.6 %
Total fat16.9 %
MSNF11.0 %
TSNF25.9 %
Total solids43.0 %
Freezing point-3.5°C, 25.7°F
Weight1041.4 g
Final weight1041.4 g
Energy/100g257 kcal
Energy/100g1076 kJ
Evaporation0.0 g
Evaporation %0.0 %
Butter fat15.6 %
Cacao fat0.0 %
Other fat1.3 %
Total fat16.9 %
Sugar13.9 %
Lactose from MSNF6.0 %
Sugar+Lactose19.9 %
MSNF11.0 %
MSNF/Water19.3 %
Other solids1.0 %
TSNF25.9 %
Total solids43.0 %
Water57.0 %
Stabilizers0.13 %
Stabilizers/Water0.24 %
Egg yolks4.9 %
Egg yolk lecithin0.4 %
Salt0.0 %
Alcohol0.2 %
PAC se269.1
PAC normalized472.0
FP SE-2.9°C, 26.7°F
FP MSNF-0.5°C, 31.2°F
FP Salt0.0°C, 32.0°F
FP Alcohol-0.1°C, 31.8°F
Freezing point-3.5°C, 25.7°F
Frozen water @-14.0°C, 6.8°F70.1 %
Temp at HF65-11.8°C, 10.8°F
Temp at HF70-14.0°C, 6.9°F
Temp at HF75-16.9°C, 1.5°F

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