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Gingerbread Ice Cream

Gingerbread Ice Cream

Soon christmas, just had to experiment with a gingerbread ice cream.


IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Milk (3%)490.042.12
Cream (40%)400.034.38
Skim milk powder30.02.58
Egg yolk (3)51.04.38
Gingerbread spices10.00.86
Locust bean gum1.000.09
Guar gum0.400.03


  • 10g of spices gives a quite powerful flavour, use a little less if you like.
  • Mix the dry ingredients well. (important)
  • Add the milk, cream and egg yolks to a pot.
  • Whisk in the dry ingredients. (Or use a handheld blender)
  • Slowly heat to 83C (181F).
  • Transfer to ziplock bag and cool in water or ice water.
  • Age in fridge for at least 4 hours.
  • Strain using a fine mesh sieve to remove some of the spices, I felt they gave a dry texture otherwise.
  • Run in ice cream machine.


Butter fat15.0 %
Total fat16.2 %
MSNF8.0 %
TSNF24.1 %
Total solids40.3 %
PAC total276.7
Freezing point-3.3 C, 26.1 F
Weight1163.4 g
Final weight1163.4 g
Evaporation0.0 g
Evaporation %0.0 %
Butter fat15.0 %
Other fat1.2 %
Total fat16.2 %
Sugar14.3 %
MSNF8.0 %
MSNF/Water13.5 %
Other solids1.7 %
TSNF24.1 %
Total solids40.3 %
Water59.7 %
Stabilizers0.12 %
Stabilizers/Water0.20 %
Egg yolks4.4 %
Egg yolk lecithin0.4 %
PAC se275.9
PAC salt0.9
PAC alcohol0.0
PAC total276.7
PAC normalized462.4
FP SE-2.9 C, 26.8 F
FP MSNF-0.3 C, 31.4 F
FP Salt-0.1 C, 31.8 F
FP Alcohol0.0 C, 32.0 F
Freezing point-3.3 C, 26.1 F
Frozen water @-14.0 C, 6.8 F71.7 %
Temp at 65%-11.1 C, 12.1 F
Temp at 70%-13.2 C, 8.3 F
Temp at 75%-16.0 C, 3.3 F

2 thoughts on “Gingerbread Ice Cream”

  1. Very good recipe, but I replaced the powdered milk and the whole milk with evaporated non fat skim milk and no stabilizers. It turned out superb. Thank you.

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