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Fine tuning a recipe

Fine tuning a recipe

In this tutorial I will show how you can fine tune your recipe to reach certain parameters.
I will use an example going from one recipe and changing it to reach the target parameters.
The milk is 3% fat and the cream is 40% fat in this tutorial.

Initial recipe

IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Skim milk powder40.03.98

This is a no-egg recipe giving me the following properties.

  • Butter fat 15.3%
  • Total fat 15.3%
  • MSNF 9.7%
  • Total Solids 41%
  • PAC 248
  • POD 156

Goal targets

I feel this recipe needs some tweaking. I want to add some egg yolks because I like what they do to the texture and creaminess of the ice cream. I also want to increase the sweetness(POD) and the freezing point depression(PAC) to make it more soft out of the freezer. So my target parameters looks like this.

  • Butterfat 15-17%
  • Total fat 16-18%
  • MSNF 7-9%
  • Total solids 42%
  • PAC 270-275
  • POD 170

Adding eggs and changing the milk/cream ratio

I start by adding three egg yolks (51g). I also reduce the lecithin to 3g which is equal to the lecithin from two eggs. So the emulsifiers in this recipe equals 5 egg yolks, 3 from eggs and 2 from lecithin. When doing this the butter fat goes down to 14.6% so I change the milk/cream ratio to 400g/400g. This gives the following recipe

IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Skim milk powder40.03.8
Egg yolk51.04.84

This gives me the following data.

  • Butter fat 16.4%
  • Total fat 17.7%
  • MSNF 9%
  • Total Solids 42.7%
  • PAC 235
  • POD 148

So, the Butter fat, total fat and MSNF are pretty ok but the Total solids, PAC and POD are still off.

Changing the sugars

The next step is to tweak the sugars to reach my goal PAC/POD values. The original recipe was low in both sweetness and freezing point depression so we need to modify the sugars. Remember the target was PAC 270-275 and POD 170. Here I use the balance tool in the software. I lock all other ingredients and set my target to PAC=270 and POD=170. This calculates to Sucrose=139.1g and Dextrose=54.6g and gives me exactly PAC=270 and POD=170. Here is the data.

  • Butter fat 15.8%
  • Total fat 17.2%
  • MSNF 8.7%
  • Total Solids 44.4%
  • PAC 270
  • POD 170

As you can see the other parameters changes as well because the total amount of sugars changes from 160g to 193.7g.

But good news, we are now close to the goal for almost all parameters.

Total solids

Ok, now we have a problem. The total solids are too high by 2.4%.
We could try to reduce the SMP (Skim milk powder). If we remove the SMP completely the total solids goes down to 42.3% but the MSNF drops to 5.4% so this is clearly not an option.
The solution is to introduce another sugar.

Adding fructose

To be able to reduce the total solids without changing the PAC, POD or MSNF we have to add another type of sugar. Fructose has the same freezing point depression as dextrose but it is almost twice as sweet as sugar. Fructose has PAC=190 and POD=170.
This will allow us to lower the total solids by reducing the sucrose content and replacing some of that sucrose with fructose to maintain the PAC and POD. The MSNF is not affected.
So, after some experimenting with the ratios of sucrose/dextrose/fructose we get the following recipe.

IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Skim milk powder40.03.78
Egg yolk51.04.82
  • Butter fat 16.3% (target 15-17)
  • Total fat 17.6% (target 16-18)
  • MSNF 9% (target 7-9)
  • Total Solids 42.1% (target 42)
  • PAC 274 (target 270-275)
  • POD 169.7 (target 170)


Ok, we are pretty close to our target values. You can of course continue to tweak and make small changes if you like but I think this is close enough.

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