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After Eight Ice Cream

After Eight Ice Cream

After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins Ice Cream.
I based this on a modified version of Jeni’s base.
Modified the milk and cream to the milk and cream I use and replaced the light corn syrup with dextrose. I also modified the sugar amount a little and added Silk gel, a special product to improve emulsification and texture of ice cream.
Total of 15 After Eight thins are used. 8 pieces in the base and an additional 7 as mix ins after churning.


IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Milk (3%)500.046.43
Cream (40%)275.025.54
Corn starch10.00.93
Cream cheese40.03.71
After Eight (8)66.06.13
Silk Gel (E451)5.00.46
NOTE! 8 After EIght thins are used in the base mix and seven After Eight thins are used as mix-ins. The ingredients here only shows the base.


Mix the cornstarch with a little of the milk until smooth.
Mix the salt with the cream cheese .
Add everything else to a pot and bring to a boil including the eight After Eight pieces.
Add the cornstarch and boil for one minute to thicken.
Mix with the cream cheese.
Run in ice cream machine.
At the end mix in seven more chopped up After Eight thins.


Butter fat12.7 %
Total fat13.5 %
MSNF5.7 %
TSNF28.6 %
Total solids42.1 %
PAC total266.8
Freezing point-3.2 C, 26.3 F
Weight1071.8 g
Final weight1071.8 g
Evaporation0.0 g
Evaporation %0.0 %
Butter fat12.7 %
Other fat0.8 %
Total fat13.5 %
Sugar20.8 %
MSNF5.7 %
Other solids2.1 %
TSNF28.6 %
Total solids42.1 %
Water57.9 %
Stabilizers0.93 %
Stabilizers/Water1.61 %
Egg yolks0.0 %
Egg yolk lecithin0.0 %
PAC se266.1
PAC salt0.7
PAC alcohol0.0
PAC total266.8
PAC normalized459.3
FP SE-2.8 C, 26.9 F
FP MSNF-0.2 C, 31.6 F
FP Salt-0.1 C, 31.9 F
FP Alcohol0.0 C, 32.0 F
Freezing point-3.2 C, 26.3 F
Frozen water @-14.0 C, 6.8 F72.5 %
Temp at 65%-10.7 C, 12.7 F
Temp at 70%-12.7 C, 9.1 F
Temp at 75%-15.5 C, 4.1 F

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