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Lindt Intense Orange Ice Cream

Lindt Intense Orange Ice Cream

A chocolate ice cream using Lindt Intense Orange chocolate.


I made this using a high speed blender.
Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well (important).
Add the milk to the blender.
At slow speed add the dry ingredients.
Turn speed to max for one minute.
Add the chocolate and run on max for two minutes to melt and emulsify the chocolate.
Then at low speed add the cream. and run on slow for a short time to incorporate.
Transfer to a pot and slowly bring to 85C/185F.
You can also cook this sous-vide at 80C/176F for one hour.
Pour mix in a zip-lock bag and chill in ice water or cold water.
Add vanilla extract.
Refrigerate overnight.
Run in ice cream machine.



Weight (g)

Amount (%)
Milk (3%)476.044.86
Cacao powder (11%)50.04.71
Lindt Intense Orange Chocolate150.014.14
Cream (40%)262.024.69
Vanilla extract5.00.47


Butter fat11.2 %
Total fat16.7 %
MSNF5.3 %
TSNF28.5 %
Total solids45.3 %
PAC total197.3
Freezing point-2.5 C, 27.5 F
Weight1061.0 g
Final weight1061.0 g
Evaporation0.0 g
Evaporation %0.0 %
Butter fat11.2 %
Other fat5.5 %
Total fat16.7 %
Sugar15.8 %
MSNF5.3 %
Other solids7.5 %
TSNF28.5 %
Total solids45.3 %
Water54.7 %
Stabilizers0.17 %
Stabilizers/Water0.30 %
Egg yolks0.0 %
Egg yolk lecithin0.0 %
PAC se195.6
PAC salt0.0
PAC alcohol1.6
PAC total197.3
PAC normalized357.9
FP SE-2.1 C, 28.1 F
FP MSNF-0.2 C, 31.6 F
FP Salt0.0 C, 32.0 F
FP Alcohol-0.1 C, 31.8 F
Freezing point-2.5 C, 27.5 F
Frozen water @-14.0 C, 6.8 F77.9 %
Temp at 65%-8.3 C, 17.0 F
Temp at 70%-10.0 C, 14.1 F
Temp at 75%-12.3 C, 9.9 F

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