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Ice Cream Bars

Get yourself some silicone ice cream moulds and make delicious ice cream bars.


Pre-freeze the silicone moulds.
Make you ice cream. I tried to make the base a little harder than normal to avoid melting and to keep the shape better.
After churning work quickly and fill the mould with the ice cream. You can either pipe the ice cream or just use a spatula or spoon to fill the moulds.
Use a spatula to even things out.
Add the sticks.
Wrap with plastic wrap and put in freezer overnight.


OK my first attempt failed. I used dark chocolate that I melted and dipped the ice cream bars in. The chocolate was too thick and it kind of slid of the ice cream.
My second attempt was much better. “Magic Shell” coating.
What you do is melt the chocolate with coconut oil. This makes it thinner and much easier to work with. It will harden and set very fast and you will get that perfect thin crust.
For 10-12 ice cream bars (I’m not sure here sorry)
Chocolate 320g
Coconut oil 200g

Slowly melt the chocolate and coconut oil. I prefer to use the microwave. Take out and stir every 30 seconds until melted and smooth. You can use any kind of chocolate here and please use the flavourless coconut oil if you don’t want the coconut flavour.
Pour into a thin container a little larger that your ice cream bars. I used a tall glass.
Take the ice cream from the mould and dip in the chocolate.
Place on a cold tray.
If you want to add some toppings work very fast and sprinkle or dip in your topping. I used crushed nuts.
Then back in the freezer or eat directly.

Ingredients for the ice cream

IngredientWeight (g)Amount (%)
Skim milk powder60.05.85
Glucose syrup40.03.90
Guar gum0.80.08
Vanilla paste5

13 thoughts on “Ice Cream Bars”

  1. example.
    I made ice cream.
    Freezes to -10°C. But it’s still soft enough to dip into warm chocolate.
    Freeze to -20°C and sprinkle with chocolate. Ice cream no longer melts in warm chocolate

    According to your recipe, what is the best temperature to drizzle the chocolate over the ice cream?

    1. When decorating the bars they should be as cold as possible. Put them in the freezer overnight and then dip them and decorate them.
      Maybe I misunderstand what you are asking?

    1. You can try but the best is coconut oil.
      Coconut oil has a lot of saturated fat and that is what makes it harden faster than for example sunflower oil when it gets cold.

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