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Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

The relative sweetness is quite high to set off the bitterness of the chocolate.
Dextrose to suppress the freezing point and compensate for the hardening fat in the chocolate.
A little salt to suppress freezing point and counter the bitterness of the cacao.
Skim milk powder to increase the MSNF.


Milk 3% 450g
Cream 40% 180g
Skim milk powder 20g
Sugar 80g
Dextrose 110g
Dark chocolate 60% 135g
Cacao powder 21% 20g
Salt 3g
Stabilizer 2g


In a separate bowl melt the chocolate with the cacao powder and salt.
Mix sugar, dextrose, skim milk powder and stabilizer.
Heat the milk and cream until almost boiling.
Whisk in the dry ingredients and simmer for two minutes.
Combine the base and the chocolate by adding the base gradually to the chocolate whisking to a smooth consistency.
Transfer to a ziplock bag and chill in cold water or ice water.
Refrigerate overnight.
Run in ice cream machine.


Weight1000.0 g
Final weight960.0 g
Evaporation40.0 g
Evaporation %4.0 %
Butter fat8.9 %10-15 %
Other fat5.8 %
Total fat14.7 %12-20 %
Sugar24.5 %11-20 %
POD226Relative sweetness
MSNF7.1 %7-12 % Milk Solids Not Fat
Other solids4.9 %
TSNF36.9 %20-30 % Total Solids Not Fat
Total solids51.6 %37-55 %
Water48.4 %45-63 %
Stabilizers0.21 %
Stabilizers/Water0.43 %
Egg yolks0.0 %
Egg yolk lecithin0.0 %
PAC se258.5Freezing point depression from sugars
PAC salt3.1Freezing point depression from salts
PAC alcohol0Freezing point depression from alcohol
PAC total261.6Total freezing point depression
PAC normalized533.7Normalized freezing point depression
FP SE-3.4 C25.9 F
FP MSNF-0.3 C31.4 F
FP Salt-0.4 C31.3 F
FP Alcohol0.0 C32 F
Freezing point-4.1 C24.5 F
Frozen water @-14 C 6.8 F65.4 %70-75 %

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    1. I use this one

      You can use any commercial stabilizer or make your own.
      This is a good link if you want to make your own:

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