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Stracciatella Ice Cream

Stracciatella Ice Cream

This is a no-cook recipe with a vanilla base and melted chocolate flecks.
Skim milk powder to increase the MSNF and total solids.
Dextrose to suppress the freezing point.
Guar gum as stabilizer, hydrates cold.
Coconut oil to make the chocolate less hard.


Cream 40% 400g
Milk 3% 300g
Skim milk powder 50g
Sugar 150g
Dextrose 50g
Egg yolks 4 (80g)
Guar gum 0.5g
Vanilla extract or paste 1 tsp (5g)

Dark chocolate 70% 100g
Neutral coconut oil 1 tbsp (15g)


Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
Pour the cream, milk and vanilla in a blender.
Run on slow and add the dry ingredients.
Blend on high for 30 seconds.
Add the egg yolks and blend a short time to incorporate.
Run in ice cream machine.
While churning melt the chocolate with the coconut oil.
When almost done churning drizzle in chocolate.
Transfer to a container and freeze.


Weight1035.5 g
Final weight1035.5 g
Evaporation0.0 g
Evaporation %0.0 %
Butter fat16.4 %10-15 %
Other fat2.1 %
Total fat18.5 %12-20 %
Sugar18.9 %11-20 %
POD186.8Relative sweetness
MSNF9.3 %7-12 % Milk Solids Not Fat
Other solids1.4 %
TSNF29.6 %20-30 % Total Solids Not Fat
Total solids48.2 %37-55 %
Water51.8 %45-63 %
Stabilizers0.05 %
Stabilizers/Water0.09 %
Egg yolks7.7 %
Egg yolk lecithin0.7 %
PAC se287.3Freezing point depression from sugars
PAC salt0Freezing point depression from salts
PAC alcohol1.7Freezing point depression from alcohol
PAC total289Total freezing point depression
PAC normalized554.7Normalized freezing point depression
FP SE-3.5 C25.7 F
FP MSNF-0.4 C31.28 F
FP Salt0.0 C32 F
FP Alcohol-0.1 C31.82 F
Freezing point-4.1 C24.62 F
Frozen water @-14 C (6.8 F)65.6 %70-75 %
Temp at 65%-13.7 C65 % frozen water (7.34 F)
Temp at 70%-16.2 C70 % frozen water (2.84 F)
Temp at 75%-19.4 C75 % frozen water (-2.92 F)

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