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Simple tutorial


Very basic tutorial showing how to create a recipe.

Step 1

Start by pressing the New button. This will clear all the ingredients from the list and you can start adding your ingredients.

Step 2

Our recipe will have the following ingredients.
1 Cup Milk 2%
1 1/2 Cup Cream 35%
1 Cup Sugar
2 Cups Strawberries
1 tsp Vanilla extract

You have to convert the volume measurements to weight. For some basic ingredients you can do this in the software. For the strawberries you have to weigh them. Let’s assume 2 Cups of strawberries weighs 300g.

Step 3

Add the ingredients.
Press the + button at the top left above the ingredient list. This will open the ingredient database.

Start by finding Milk in the list and press OK. You can either browse the list or type Milk in the Find field.

Press OK to add Milk to your recipe.
Repeat this with all the ingredients in the recipe. Normal table sugar is called Sucrose in the database.

Step 4

Setting the correct weights.
Now you should have something like this.

Double click in the Weight cell for Milk. This will bring up a Volume to Weight converter.

Press OK to set the weight.

Repeat for the other ingredients. For the vanilla extract you select Water as the Ingredient in the converter dialog.

For the strawberries just type 300 in the weight cell directly.
After entering all the weights it should look like this.

Step 5

Adjusting the fat content for Milk and Cream.
The standard database have Milk with 3% fat and Cream with 40% fat.
To modify this and get the correct fat content you will have to change this.
Double click on Milk.

This will bring up the Edit ingredient dialog.
Just change the Butterfat from 3% to 2%.

Press OK.
When changing an ingredient you will get a question if you want to add or update this ingredient in the database. For this tutorial you can press No.
Repeat for Cream and change to 35% Butterfat.

Step 6

Finished. You have now created your own recipe.
Press “Save as…” and save your recipe on file, name it “Strawberry Ice Cream”

3 thoughts on “Simple tutorial”

  1. Hi is it possible to add other milks for formulation of vegan ice creams? that would be amazing!! love the software thanks!

    1. You can add any ingredient, no restrictions. If you need help use the contact form and I will help you.

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