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Evaporation when cooking the ice cream base

In the software you can enter the amount of evaporation. The evaporation impacts the final result by reducing the amount of water and raising the amount of solids.

When making ice cream at home you benefit from having higher total solids compared to industrial ice cream. The reason is that home ice cream machines can not freeze the mix equally fast as commercial machines thus we get more and bigger ice crystals. To compensate we can try to get higher solids and less water.

One way is to intentionally cook the ice cream for a longer time to get more evaporation. This can be utilized to get the solids up to 50-55%. Another way is to replace some of the milk with milk powder.

I did an experiment cooking a standard base. I place all the ingredients in a pan and slowly heat the mix to 85C. This takes approximately 15 minutes. This gives an evaporation of 4-5%.

To summarize. If you cook in an open container as opposed to Sous-Vide you should enter approximately 5% for the evaporation to get more exact calculations. If you cook for longer times you should weigh the mix before and after cooking and calculate the evaporation.

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